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What is
= ocu = Trade Network brings you fast and easy trades with unbeatable prices and via automated bots. Our aim is to create a friendly and secure environment for trading. With prices better than anywhere else, and the convenience of smartest bots, we're the right place for experienced and new traders alike.
What are the requirements to use OCU?
Basically, be an internet user with no previous history of scamming. But for specifics:
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. (IE 10 should work, but we don't attempt to cater to it)
  • Steam Profile set to public
  • SteamGuard Mobile enabled, with Trade Offer Confirmations also enabled
  • Not marked (or reported) as a scammer, or have any Valve bans
  • Acceptance of the rules and ToS
What are the rules & Terms of Service / Privacy Policy for this site?
All of those can be found here
I wish to report a player for breaking the site rules. How do I do that?
If you wish to report a player, you can do so by heading over to our forums. Please include the following information:
  • Player Name & Steam ID (Profile link works too)
  • Reason / Description for the ban
  • Proof of any kind. (Screenshot / Video / etc...)
  • Rough time that event occured
I have been banned. How do I request an unban / find out why?
If you have been banned from OCU, you can request an unban on our forums. Please include the following information:
  • Profile Name & SteamID (Profile link works too)
  • Explanation of why you should be unbanned.
Your unban request will be evaluated by our moderator team. If you aren't satisfied with the outcome to your request, you may escalate the request to the Community Admin and/or Developer Team. Their decision is final and no discussion will be entered into regarding the outcome.
Trading overview.
Trading is the main functionality of this site. To begin, navigate to the 'Sell' or 'Buy' page, and add items to your cart. After you are finished, navigate to your cart page, and click the green 'Checkout' button to start the trading process. Please wait patiently while the serverbot fetches all the items you request from other bots. Please keep in mind that during high use times for Steam, this process can take longer than a couple seconds. Once the bot fetches all of your items, it will send you a trade offer. When the modal appears, click the 'Open Trade' button to show the trade offer, and then accept it. Confirm your mobile confirmation, and you're done!
How do I only trade using metal, no keys?
On the cart page, there is a checkbox labeled 'Only use Metal', select this and the bot will not grab any keys from your inventory. Please keep in mind that this selection will be ignored with trades where the total value is worth more than 3 keys.
I don't see an item I have in my inventory on the 'Sell' page!
This is likely due to three reasons:
  1. The item is overstocked
    • Overstocked items are automatically hidden in the 'Sell' page, and the site will not buy them from you. Please check back later to see if that item is still overstocked.
  2. Steam hasn't added the item to your backpack yet
    • If you recently traded for that item, it is also likely that Steam is running slow and has not added that item to your backpack yet. Please wait patiently for the item to show up.
  3. We do not support that item
    • While the site does support virtually all types of TF2 trading, we do not support them all. Examples include Killstreak Kits / Fabricators, and Skins. Please keep a close eye out though! Many new types of trading are going to be supported soon!
What does 'Scrap Duplicate Weapons' do?
This option will sort your inventory for you, and add all the duplicate, boring weapons (non killstreak / painted / anything) to the cart for metal. This is similar to scrapbanking, only with duplicate weapons (and automatic, so you don't have to slowly add each one).
Common Errors
Inventory check failed
This is a very generic error, and it means that one or more trades to the other bots to fetch your items either failed to send, or didn't get accepted in time. The fix for this is to simply try again.
Not enough pure
This error means that the site was unable to fetch enough change from your inventory to cover for your cost. If you have enough change, simply wait for Valve to catch up, and try again.
Not enough keys
For high value trades (more than 3 keys), you must have all but 2 keys of that order, in keys. This is due to our serverbots only having so much available space, and 50+ ref in trades can cause errors if their inventory cannot support it.
No
If you see this error, simply refresh the page. The site sometimes auto-clears the cart if a critical error is found while trading, or sometimes it just didn't update fast enough. Refreshing the page will either fix this error, or show that your cart is empty.
Trade timeout
All trades are active for 120 seconds. If you fail to accept the offer within this amount of time, the site will auto-cancel it.
Invalid Token
Trade tokens are what the site uses to send trade offers to users. This error means that your token is invalid or missing. Please go to your account page, and update the trade offer URL with the correct token. If you are still seeing this error, even after verifying your trade token, please let us know on our forums.
Issues with the Steam Overlay Browser
The Steam Overlay Browser is quite literally a hack, and doesn't support many technologies that are required on this site. As such, there are no plans to support it in the future. If you want to use a browser without tabbing out, we recommend Overwolf.