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The history of's updates
6 February
  • Fixed an issue causing trades to not be confirmed
  • Fixed display issues on the cart page
  • Fixed "Items No Longer Available" trade offer error
  • Fixed Australiums not being show correctly
  • Recently Traded now has parsed prices
  • Fixed the "Special Filters" filter on the buy/sell pages
  • Fixed Buy/Sell page dropdowns not filtering correctly
  • Removed front-end material for items not implemented yet
  • Fixed unusual pricecheck not grabbing prices
  • Both the normal and unusual pricecheck now include updated legend for colors
  • Fixed FAQ not linking to the forums
  • Updates to the bots
    • Fixed bots running out of scrap & reclaimed metal
    • Serverbot inventories increased
    • Bots now use keys in a trade
12 January
  • Actually fixed buy/sell display prices
  • Fixed trading card images not loading over https
  • Fixed badgebuilder not loading images
  • Added an error message if the site fails to fetch the user's steam items
  • Fixed some text display issues
  • Fixed keys & australiums not having an image in the cart
  • Fixed error pages returning a status code of 200 instead of the intended error
10 January
  • Fixed buy prices being parsed incorrectly, leading to a lower price sometimes being shown
31 December
  • Fixed a couple bugs that were potentially causing trade errors
  • Fixed trade offers not being recorded correctly
30 December
  • Fixed several site crashes
27 December
  • Updated how bots confirm trade offers
  • HTTPS Upgrade
    • All connections are now forced to HTTPS
    • All images are now loaded over HTTPS
8 December
  • Fixed prices on certain hats
  • Fixed trade errors cause by bots having too many items
7 December
  • Back from a long hiatus!
  • Fixed several issues involved with trading
    • Fixed bots not updating inventories correctly
    • Fixed an issue where bots were not accepting confirmations
    • Reduced time for bots to confirm trades
    • Fixed steam errors being shown if the tradeoffer was opened immediately as it was shown
    • Fixed bots grabbing the same item
    • Fixed bots not reconnecting to steam correctly
  • Fixed steam-error popover showing an incorrect message
  • Fixed users being marked "In a Trade" after canceling
30 August
  • Fixed being able to add multiple of the same item to the cart (thanks to [email protected]@ for reporting)
17 August
  • Major changes for the bots:
    • Bots now confirm trades MUCH faster
    • Fixed bots going down when steam goes offline
    • Upgraded bot inventory limits
    • Fixed some trades never being confirmed
  • Updated trading system
    • Fixed generic error incorrectly being shown
    • Fixed the trade modal still being shown after a trade is accepted / confirmed
    • Lowered time trades take globally
31 July
  • Fixed trades being reported as failing when they actually worked
27 July
  • Added Lithuanian translation
  • 'Sell' page now displays an error message if steam is down
  • Fixed cart popover showing incorrect value
  • Fixed sound not playing on new chat message (if option is selected)
  • Trade window now closes when trade is accepted/confirmed
  • Complete re-write of the trading system
    • Trade error messages now are less generic
    • The status is now updated when each trade between bots happen
13 July
  • Added inverse of filter for specialties on Sell and Buy pages
  • Fixed no popover showing up for the steam status
  • Fixed site freezing when bots restart
  • Fixed bots not updating their inventory properly, leading to failed trades
  • Increased trade timeout to prevent trades being canceled before they can be accepted
  • Fixed bots failing to confirm tradeoffers
  • Added max trade exchange of 250 items
    • This is due to the limited inventory space of server bots.
    • If a trade contains more items than this, it will be rejected
    • IE, if a user tries to sell an item for 20 keys, and there isn't enough keys to keep it below 250 refined being sent
5 July
  • Updated about page
    • Added Taco to the Translators list
    • Updated steam profile links
  • Added French translation
4 July
  • Fixed long names overflowing the steam bar
  • Updated scroll to top button
  • Updated header
    • Links in dropdown are no longer centered
    • Overall header is thinner
    • Fixed dropdown menus being partially covered on mobile
  • Optimized site performance
    • Better compression algorithm for JS files
    • Reduced amount of includes
    • Fixed noscript showing for a few seconds on page load
  • Fixed FAQ sidebar being covered by page
  • Updated styling for embedded lists
2 July
  • Fixed site crashes
22 June
  • Fixed 'Unusuals' filter on the buy page showing items that were not Unusuals
  • Fixed certain items missing from the buy page
  • Fixed Badge Builder not loading the correct set
  • Major optimizations under the hood
  • Fixed popup windows not having a scrollbar on Firefox
  • Fixed undefined key amount available
  • Fixed no login redirect for new accounts
15 June
  • Compelete re-write of the key page
    • Fixed no number showing up under available keys
    • Fixed prices not showing
    • Redesigned the buy/sell boxes
11 June
  • Added Beta18 to the bot fleet
10 June
  • Fixed 'Hats' filter not working
  • Added user's name in the title on the public /profile page
  • Changed color / position of text for the OCU coin count on account page
  • Fixed price check error with trading cards
6 June
  • Fixed unusuals not having prices
  • Improvements to the cart page
    • Fixed conversion to OCU coins not working
    • Total Price is now parsed to X keys Y Refined
    • Total Price now dynamically updates when items are removed
    • Unusuals now load an image that includes their particle effect (similar to the buy page)
    • Fixed 'Cart is empty' message now showing if each item is removed individually
  • Fixed an error that made the site constantly disable trading
  • Added more inventory space to the bots
  • Extended login cookie to 3 months
  • Fixed 'Hide cards already owned' filter on Trading Cards page
  • Fixed bots not restarting after encountering a trade error
  • Fixed memory leaks
2 June
  • Added buying of unusual items
  • Added pricecheck for unusuals
  • Fixed bots not restarting properly
  • Fixed site being unresponsive at certain intervals
  • Added dropdown icon to player menu
9 May
  • Fixed 'Bulk Sell' not working
  • Added more fixes for trades failing
7 May
  • Added particle effect images to Unusuals
  • Added names of effects for Unusuals to the "Last Traded" section
  • Fixed Australiums not having the correct image in the 'Buy' tab of the "Last Traded" section
  • Added fix for the site inventory not updating correctly, leading to failed trades
6 May
  • Added selling / buying of Gifted items
  • Updated 'Sell' page
    • Added 'Gifted by' text to gifted items
    • Added 'Equipped on <n;class>n;' text for items currently equipped
  • Updated 'Buy' page
    • Added 'Gifted' text to items that are gifted
3 May
  • Fixed Australiums not having the correct image in the cart / last traded section
  • Fixed prices on the 'Buy' being displayed wrong
  • Fixed Unusuals not showing up in the 'Buy' page
25 April
  • Fixed trading card stock not updating
21 April
  • Fixed no trading cards loading under the 'Sell' tab
  • Fixed not being able to add trading cards to the cart
  • Removed full stock restriction on badgebuilder
  • Added another fix for items being traded away
16 April
  • Fixed inventory check errors
  • Really fixed bots sending away item meant for a user
31 March
  • Fixed buy-page prices not being converted to key/ref correctly
  • Fixed bots sending away item meant for a user
30 March
  • Fixed bots not restarting correctly
  • Fixed (basically) every trade failing due to Error 50
28 March
  • Fixed site instability when Steam is offline
  • Fixed serverbots trading away items meant for a user
  • Fixed popovers not loading for items filtered by URL
  • Added redirect to previous page viewed after logging in
24 March
  • Updated 'Sell' page
    • Added pagination
    • Added more filters
    • Added different types of sorting
    • Bulk Sell is now in a modal
  • Updated Trading Card page
    • Optimized loading
    • Added filters
17 March
  • Fixed site instability
  • Added 'Sell All Robot Parts' under tools
  • Added a title-flash when a tradeoffer is ready
4 March
  • Fixed "Misc" filter not working
  • Fixed bugs related to steam rejecting trades to users
  • Added error message if already in a trade with site
  • Fixed issue with NaN prices
  • Added donate page
  • Updated 'Buy' page with more filters / sorting
  • Double the amount of items loaded in pricecheck
  • Fixed steam trading cards never loading
  • Fixed table sorting images not loading
25 February
  • Added buying of unusuals
  • Fixed key image in sidebar being super-low resolution
  • Reduced load time on buy page
  • Added more filters for item pages
  • Updated design on account / profile pages
  • Updated updating page
18 February
  • Reduced load time on buy page
  • Fixed items in buy/sell pages not stacking correctly during a search
  • Updated design on cart page
  • Removed arrows from sidebar
  • Fixed an issue with items not showing up on 'Buy' page after a failed trade
  • Fixed spin animation not working on mobile devices
  • Updated positioning of dropdowns in the header
11 February
  • Fixed badgebuilder not including level 0 badges
  • Fixed search in 'Buy' tab on trading card page not functioning correctly
  • Fixed clearing of searches in tradingcard pages
  • Updated loading animations
  • Fixed Australium Weapons not having the correct image
  • Updated pricecheck page
  • Fixed bugs on 'Buy' page
  • Added pagination to Trading Cards page
  • Fixed steam errors related to trading
  • Fixed not all trading cards being matched properly
5 February
  • Fixed site issues related to trading
  • Added support for Turkish
4 February
  • Added trading cards to the sidebar
  • Fixed bug where user's inventory would fail to load
  • Fixed trading cards not showing up in the 'Recently Traded' section
  • Added badge builder
  • Updated footer
  • Updated spin animations
1 February
  • Added selling of trading cards
  • Fixed bug related to adding items to the cart
31 January
  • Optimized site performance - should be MUCH faster now
  • Added trading cards
  • Fixed prices being shown incorrectly
  • Fixed 404 errors related to fonts
  • Fixed page numbers in buy page
  • Fixed popovers on stats page being frozen
  • Items in selling pages are now sorted by value
  • Steam status now shows more information if steam is down
  • Fixed logins being slow / failing
18 January
  • Updated stats page
  • Fixed instability relating to trading
  • Updated languages
  • Updated item popovers to show more information about the item
  • Sidebar now links to buy pages
14 January
  • Added a fix for Error 26 on trade offers
  • Fixed trade bug related to confirmations
  • Added 'Nothing Here' text to buy/sell page if a search returns nothing
  • Fixed bots not restarting properly
  • Added different messages on trade offers
  • Stats page now includes avatars for logged in users
  • Fixed key buying
  • Cart page now updates after a trade
9 January
  • Updated FAQ
  • Fixed 'Sell' page only loading 4 items per row
  • Updated stats page
  • Updated animations
  • Fixed prices related to craftable weapons
5 January
  • Added bulk buying of craft hats
  • Added OCU coin amount to account page
  • Added filter of 'Hat' to the header menus
  • Fixed crash related to trading
  • Fixed trades failing multiple times on the same bot
  • Updated 'Last Traded' section
  • Added tool for completing killstreak fabricator
  • Fixed bug related to searching for killstreak items
  • Added steam group notification.
4 January
  • Added this changelog!
  • Added legend to pricecheck page
  • Fixed Tour of Duty Tickets price not updating correctly
  • Fixed crash related to logging in
  • Added pricing of strange parts / paints